Robbat2 (robbat2) wrote,

Cross-posts from GitHub Gists: Ceph RGW StaticSites documentation, and S3 Boto magic

Cross-posting from where I've written up some other pieces:
- How to set up Ceph RGW StaticSites (S3 Website mode). I wrote the code over the course of the last year, and here's the first solid documentation for setting it up now. As for 'using' it, your S3 client with WebsiteConfiguration support should just work.
- Boto S3: how to muck with where it actually connects. Boto S3 tries to be smart about where it's connecting to, such that it takes the hostname you give it and uses that for most things. This makes some testing fun where you want it to request a certain hostname but actually connect somewhere entirely different.

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Tags: ceph, code, rgw, s3

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