Robbat2 (robbat2) wrote,

LVM: convert linear to striped

This requires temporarily having 2x the size of your LVM volume. You need to create a mirror of your data, with the new leg of the mirror striped over the target disks, then drop the old leg of the mirror that was not striped. If you want to stripe over ALL of your disks (including the one that was already used), you also need to specify --alloc anywhere otherwise the mirror code will refuse to use any disk twice.
# convert to a mirror (-m1), with new leg striped over 4 disks: /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, /dev/sdd, /dev/sde
# --mirrorlog core - use in-memory status during the conversion
# --interval 1: print status every second
lvconvert --interval 1 -m1 $myvg/$mylv --mirrorlog core --type mirror --stripes 4 /dev/sd{b,c,d,e}
# drop the old leg, /dev/sda
lvconvert --interval 1 -m0 $myvg/$mylv  /dev/sda
Tags: linux, lvm2
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